Art of Making Your Perfect Bed: Step-by-Step Guide to make your bed

Art of Making Your Perfect Bed: Step-by-Step Guide to make your bed

Making your bed: Steps to Creating the Perfect Bed for sleeping

Making a bed is an art. In this guide, we’ll unravel the secrets to crafting a bed that beckons you with open arms after a long day. This guide tells you on how to make the the bed that will snooze you to dreamland like a professional napper 🛌💤

Start with a Solid Foundation

1. Clear the bed of any clutter or items in your way

clear bed of clutter

Imagine stepping into a serene room, and your bed is the centerpiece—a canvas waiting for your artistic touch. But before we dive into the artistry, let’s tidy up. Remove that stray sock, banish the rogue book, and bid farewell to the crumbs on the end of the bed, you might even need to shuffle along the pets from their slumber. A clutter-free bed is like a fresh start—a blank slate for coziness.

2. Lay the groundwork with a comfortable mattress and mattress topper

mattress bed

Think of your mattress as the bed’s heart and soul, It’s where dreams unfold, and sleep magic happens. Choose wisely—firm or plush, memory foam or springy coils or box spring. And don’t forget adding a mattress topper—is like adding whipped cream to your latte. Softness, support, and a touch of luxury—all in one cozy layer. Your back will thank you, and your dreams will dance a little jig. 🌙✨

3. Add the additional mattress protector if you want to prevent stains and spills

bed mattress

Life happens, my friend. Sometimes, that midnight snack gets a little too enthusiastic, or you accidentally channel your inner Picasso with a pen. Fear not! mattress protector swoops in, It shields your mattress from spills, stains, and unexpected mishaps. Plus, it’s washable—because even superheroes need a bath now and then. 🦸‍♀️🛌

Perfecting Fitted Sheets

4. Learn the art of fitting sheets snugly to avoid wrinkles and creases

bed sheet

Ah, the fitted sheet—the unsung battle of bedtime accessories. It’s like wrapping your mattress in a cozy hug. But beware the wrinkles! They’re like tiny trolls conspiring against your sleep. Here’s the secret handshake:

  1. Spread it out: Lay the fitted sheet flat, like a picnic blanket. Corners aligned, edges smooth. No lumps, no bumps; we all know you gave up on the neat fold and scrunched it like a paper receipt when you packed it away.

  2. Tuck and tango: Lift one corner and tuck it under the corner of the mattress. Imagine you’re tucking in a sleepy hedgehog. Repeat this on the other side of the bed. Now, shimmy to the foot of the bed and do the same, pull pull pull to get it tight and tucked like a hotel bed. Ta-da! Your sheet is snug as a bug.

  3. Stretch and snap: Pull the elastic edges tight. Think of it as a mini workout, if you want to take it easy we recommend sheets from The Lad Collective with corner straps to make this process a breeze. The sheet should cling to the mattress like a koala to a eucalyptus tree. Getting a tight fit can be a

5. Adding the top sheet and smoothing it out evenly

smooth bedsheet bedmaking

The first between you and dreamland. Imagine its the butter on the toast, the first layer. Lay it flat and evenly over the bed, aligning the edges like a well-behaved puzzle piece. No wrinkles, no fuss. Smooth it out with the care of a pastry chef icing a cake. 

Tucking in the sheet to create hospital corners for a polished appearance. Now, let’s get fancy like a nursing assistant. Channel your inner Martha Stewart (minus the colourful vocabulary, maybe). Lift the mattress slightly and tuck the top sheet side under the mattress tightly under the mattress, Repeat on the other side. At the foot of the bed, fold the excess fabric into neat triangles—pulling the corner out at a 45-degree angle and tuck - hospital corners! It’s like wrapping a present for your future dreams.

Opt for high-quality sheets (such as bamboo or cotton) for better sleep quality. Sheets matter more than you’d think. No scratchy surprises, just softness. Bamboo and cotton—these natural fibers breathe, wick away moisture, your skin will thank you, and so will your dreams. 🌙✨

Layering the Bed

6. Placing your quilt, or duvet as the comforter on top

quilt on as comforter on bed

Here comes the star of the show—the comforter. Whether you call it a doona, quilt, or duvet, it’s your sleep bestie. Spread it over the bed, aligning the edges. Imagine snuggling into it after a long day—the weight, the warmth, the cozy cocoon. Your dreams just upgraded to first class.

Protect and beautify your quilts with a quilt cover. Quilt covers and bed linen are personal and can be simple or used to create an entire aesthetic for your room. Quilt covers come in all shades, fabrics or playful patterns. Choose wisely, my friend. Your bed deserves a stylish outfit. 🛌🌟 Slip them on, zip or button them up, and voilà!

7. Fold the top sheet and quilts down a few inches

bed making folded covers

Ah, the gentle tuck-in. It’s like saying, “Hey, bed, have some breathing space.” Fold the top sheet and top corners of the duvet down, revealing a peek of the fitted sheet and complimenting your headboard. It’s like cuffing your jeans—cool, casual, yet intentional. 

Pillow Fluffing

8. Arrange your pillows thoughtfully for both comfort and aesthetics

pillows—the marshmallow clouds of bedtime. They cradle your head, whisper sweet dreams, and occasionally stage pillow fights. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. The Sleeping Pillows: These are your trusty companions. Line them up ready for duty —two or four, depending on your sleep style. Back sleeper? Hug one. Side sleeper? Snuggle two. Stomach sleeper? everyone is different—go with one or none.

  2. The Decorative Pillows: Now, let’s jazz it up with throw pillows. Decorative pillows are like the sprinkles on your bedtime cupcake. Place them in front of the sleeping pillows. Mix sizes—big, small, and in-between. Patterns or solids—your call. Just remember: no pillow drama. They’re all part of the same bedtime symphony.

  3. The Throw Blanket: Picture this: you’re nestled under your comforter, and there it is—the throw blanket, casually draped across the foot of the bed or at a 45 degree angle. It’s like a stylish scarf for your bed when you want your bed to look the part. But oh, the warmth of your toes! 

Consider adding additional decorative pillows or a throw blanket on top for a luxurious vibe. Luxury isn’t about gold-plated faucets or crystal chandeliers (though those are nice too). It’s about feeling pampered, even in your sleep. So, toss on a velvet pillow or a faux fur throw if thats your vibe. Channel your inner royalty. Your bed will thank you, and your dreams will curtsy. 👑🛌✨

Bonus: Hacks, Hygiene, & Best Practices

Properly make the bed every morning

To properly make your bed every morning, start by straightening the mattress if necessary, then add the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases to your steps. Finish by neatly arranging your duvet or comforter, throw blankets and decorative pillows.

The key moments in making the perfect bed

The key moments in bedmaking include properly tucking the flat sheet, ensuring the corners are tightly tucked, using a mattress pad protector for added comfort, and making sure all edges are aligned.

Wash your sheets every 1-2 weeks to maintain freshness

Let’s talk hygiene. Your sheets are like a second skin—they absorb sweat, drool (yes, it happens), and the occasional midnight snack crumb. So, befriend your washing machine. Strip those sheets regularly, toss them in the wash, and let the magic happen. Freshness restored, dreams renewed.
We recommend using Lucent Globe's eco friendly laundry detergent sheets  for best results.

Tip: Also read how often to wash your bedsheets

Choose sheets and pillows that complement your room’s decor

Your bed isn’t just a sleep pod; it’s a style statement. Sheets and pillows play the lead roles. Go for colors that harmonize—subtle neutrals or playful pastels or go bold to show your personality; remember, patterns are like confetti for your bed. Polka dots, stripes, or florals—pick your party.

When adding the duvet, turn the duvet cover inside out for ease

Duvets are like giant pillow for your body and are necessary for warmth during colder months. But wrestling them into their covers? Not so fun. Here’s the secret handshake: flip the duvet cover inside out, spread it flat, and lay the duvet on top. Then, roll them up together like a snug burrito. Unroll, shake it out, and boom! Duvet bliss. 

Use a mattress topper or pad to protect your bed and enhance comfort

Think of a mattress topper as a raincoat for your bed. It keeps your mattress protected from spills, dust, and life’s little surprises. Plus, some add an extra layer of cloud-like comfort. Sink in, breath out with content, and let your dreams float on a marshmallow sea. 🛌☁️✨