Roger cook

march 31, 2022

Laundry Detergent Sheets vs Laundry Liquids and Powders

laundry sheets

Laundry detergent sheets are washing up on Australia’s shores. Find out what’s getting everyone in a spin and why you should consider making the switch to an eco-friendly alternative. In our fast-paced day-to-day lives we are always looking for ways to make our lives easier. When it comes to washing our clothes 50% of Australians do over 156 hours of laundry a year! That means plenty of trips to your local store during the year to grab laundry liquids and powders and plenty of time spent (or not) folding the washing. This is something that us Aussies can do more efficiently! In Australia there has been a surge to swap from laundry liquids and powders to a more convenient method, laundry sheets


Laundry sheets do the same work that laundry liquids and powders do, only it is more efficient and does not damage our environment! Lucent Globe’s laundry sheets are eco-friendly and OECD-301B certified biodegradable. Meaning they don’t just fully dissolve, they biodegrade rapidly to minimise our impact on our environment. 

Laundry sheets, unlike laundry liquids are packaged in a 100% recyclable box which removes the need for any single-use plastics, unlike traditional liquids which come in those big bulky plastic bottles. Single-use plastic bottles are a major source of pollution, clog landfills and require large amounts of energy and water to produce and also transport.

Plant-Derived Ingredients (No Nasty Chemicals)

Laundry sheets, specifically the one's formulated by Lucent Globe, contain ingredients that are plant-derived (from coconuts!) These sheets also contain the enzyme protease, which helps the breakdown of organic molecules such as blood, dirt and other tough stains! 

The best part about laundry sheets is that they are free from phosphates. Now, majority of traditional laundry liquids and powders are packed full of phosphates. Phosphates are added to remove hard water ions, which allows for grime and other organic molecules to be removed more effectively. 

While this is great for convenience and getting your clothes looking sparkly clean, it is not good for our environment. High concentrations of phosphates interfere with the natural balance of aquatic environments and can lead to algae blooms that look like this! 

laundry sheets

An algae bloom can lead to aquatic life becoming suffocated and result in large dead patches in lakes, ponds, creeks and rivers. So, while traditional laundry liquids and powders can be convenient and reliable, they can do a lot of damage to our aquatic ecosystems. 

Light-weight and compact (Great for traveling!)

Usually, when you buy a bottle of laundry liquids, they most likely come in a 2L bottle. This is great as it gives you up to 40 washes most of the time! Wrong, these 2L bottles are bulky, heavy, difficult to store and, if you switched to laundry sheets you would find that you will get way more washes (Lucent Globe Laundry Sheets do 80 loads), without the large bulky bottle. 

Laundry sheets come in small recyclable boxes which are lightweight (up to 300g) and are compact and easy to store in anyone’s crowded laundry cupboard. Even more, they are perfect to take travelling as they can fit nicely into any suitcase or backpack and do not weigh you down. They are suitable to take on airplanes, in caravans and campervans and on hiking trips! 

Cleaning Power?

Alright, the most important question when it comes to cleaning products, “will these laundry sheets clean as good as laundry liquids and powders?” The answer is yes! You will need to be careful which brands you choose as some brands have compromised on quality to provide customers with a cheap alternative. However, with Lucent Globe laundry sheets there has been no expense spared in providing Australians with a quality laundry detergent alternative. The addition of enzymes our laundry sheets will be able to remove even the toughest marks on your clothes. Visit our TikTok to check out some of the cool tests that we have done with our laundry sheets and see if your traditional laundry liquids or powders could do the same! 


A standard 2L bottle of laundry liquid will usually cost you around $15 in local supermarkets. These bottles will usually get you around 20-40 washes, depending on how accurately you can measure the liquid. Lucent Globe laundry sheets can do up to 80 washes from a single box and costs you as little as $29.99. This works out to be just as cheap as traditional detergents, means you don’t have to go buy laundry detergents as often, you wont have a big bulky bottle made from single-use plastics and you will be helping the aquatic environments by removing harmful phosphate from the water. 

We hope, that after reading this you are as convinced as we are, that laundry sheets are here to make your life easier and, most importantly protect our beautiful planet from single use plastics and harmful phosphates. 

If you're interested in making the switch to laundry sheets and supporting a small Aussie business click here.

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