What makes Lucent Globe Laundry Sheets Special (Enzymes)

What makes Lucent Globe Laundry Sheets Special (Enzymes)

Brodie Cook

August 2, 2022

What makes Lucent Globe Laundry Sheets so Special? (Enzyme Edition)

When we started our quest to develop our laundry detergent sheets we wanted our formula to be as waste-free and efficient as possible. We needed to develop a formula that would be ideal for those with skin sensitivities, have an incredible environmental profile and most importantly work well. Because let’s face it. We can’t make much of a difference to how Australian families clean their clothes if our product doesn’t clean well. This is where enzymes come in. 


We use the protease enzyme in our detergent formulation to provide for additional stain-busting power that also means dirt can be removed easily without the need for hot water. Protease enzymes work to break down molecules such as blood and sweat and other protein dense materials. We only use a very small amount of protease in our laundry sheets as one protease molecule has the ability to lift and remove many molecules of dirt, making our laundry sheets highly efficient. This allows us to create a compact and lightweight detergent that is portable and extremely convenient to use. It even allows us to cut down on the amount of packaging we need! 


Our protease enzymes are derived from fungi (pretty strange hey!). The enzymes are harvested safely and have an excellent safety profile when used in detergents. Our enzymes are unable to penetrate intact skin due to their molecular size making our laundry sheets extremely safe for those with skin sensitivities and those with risks of respiratory allergies. 


We are super conscious of the ingredients we use and their environmental profile. Our protease enzymes are readily biodegradable with minimal to no impact on the environment. The increase in efficiency due to the presence of enzymes also reduces the amount of surfactants in our detergents, again leading to less environmental impact. 


If you’re wondering what makes Lucent Globe laundry sheets so incredible, it’s the addition of enzymes. We’re getting some incredible reviews on our sheets, you can check them out here! With well over 100 5-star reviews, we must be doing something right!