How to Wash and Care for Jeans: Tips for denim care

How to Wash and Care for Jeans: Tips for denim care

Caring for your pair of jeans the right way keeps them looking good and lasting longer. Jeans come in many types, like raw denim, and colors like black or white. Each kind needs its own care. Raw denim, for example, should be washed less to get unique fades. Black and white jeans need gentle washing from the first wash to keep their colours true. How often should you wash jeans depends on how you use them. If you wear them for tough jobs or in hot weather, wash them more. But, if you wear them gently, you can wash them less. Washing less often is better for keeping your jeans in great shape for years. In this blog post we'll give you best tips on how to wash and dry jeans.

Pre-Wash Care for Jeans

Before washing your pair, turn the jeans inside out - This helps keep the color bright and the fabric strong. Also, sort your jeans by color and type. This stops colors from bleeding dye onto each other. Sometimes, you don't need to wash your denim, If they're not too dirty its best to wash jeans as little as possible, so you can air them out or spot clean. This saves water and your favourite pair of jeans will last longer. Washing only when needed is key to making your jeans last.

How to Wash Jeans

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When washing your jeans, you can choose between washing machine and hand washing. It's gentler to wash the jeans by hand and makes your jeans look better or If you prefer using a machine, pick a delicate or gentle cycle . This protects the denim from getting worn out. Always use cold water to prevent shrinking and fading and never put jeans in the dryer.

Tip: Use our eco laundry detergent sheets to either handwash or in the washing machine.

For hand washing, fill a tub with cold water and add a little mild detergent. Turn your jeans inside out and gently scrub them. Let them soak for about 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Don't wring them out; just press the water out gently. Hang them to line dry away from direct sunlight. When machine washing, especially new jeans, wash them alone the first time. This stops the dye from bleeding onto other clothes. Wash raw denim as little as possible to develop unique fades. Remember, whether hand washing or using a machine, treating your jeans with care keeps them in your wardrobe for years.

Post-Wash Care

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After washing your jeans, drying them correctly is crucial to preserve their shape and colour. Avoid using a dryer with high heat, as it can shrink and fade your denim. Instead, air or line dry your jeans. Hang them to dry or lay them flat on a towel. If they are stiff once dry, wearing them will soften them up again.

To air dry jeans, hang them outside or inside if the weather is bad. Ensure they are fully dry before folding to prevent mildew, especially around pockets and zips. If your jeans get stained, spot clean them between washes instead of washing the entire pair. For odors, airing them out or using a fabric spray can refresh them without washing

Maintaining Your Jeans

To prevent your jeans from fading and to protect the fabric, wash them less often and always turn them inside out before washing. Use cold water and a gentle cycle. This helps keep the color bright and the fabric strong. For dark jeans, use a detergent made for dark clothes. After washing, air drying is best to keep the shape and quality of your jeans.

Keep your jeans looking new by handling stains right away. Spot clean them instead of washing the whole pair. If your jeans start to smell, try airing them out or using a fabric freshener. These steps help your jeans stay clean and comfortable without frequent washing. When it comes to storing your jeans, you can either fold them or hang them. Hanging is good for keeping the shape, but folding saves space. Choose based on what works best for you and your closet space.

Advanced Denim Care

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Caring for raw denim jeans is important. Wash denim as little as you can to create unique fades. When you do wash, use cold water and a gentle cycle. Let them air dry to keep the shape and quality. This way, your raw denim jeans will mold to your body and tell your story through their fades.

Some say you can clean by putting your jeans in the freezer, but this doesn't really work. It won't kill all the bacteria or remove dirt. Instead, air out your jeans or spot clean them for small stains. By taking good care of your jeans between washes you can wear them for many years, keeping them looking great.


Caring for your jeans properly extends their lifespan and keeps them looking their best. From choosing the right washing method to understanding the specific needs of different types of denim, every step is important. Less frequent washing, gentle cycles, and cold water are key, with air drying being the gold standard for preserving the integrity of the fabric. For denim aficionados, mastering the care of raw denim can make all the difference in achieving those coveted personalized fades.

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