Our Inspiration for Lucent Globe

Our Inspiration for Lucent Globe

Brodie Cook

October 13, 2022

Our Inspiration for Lucent Globe 

In response to our growing community, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you our inspiration for starting Lucent Globe and share a bit more about myself (Brodie) and my brother Roger.


Throughout our early 20's, Roger and I were keen to travel and see the world. We were able to see some incredible places, from the base camp of Mount Everest to the black sand beaches in Iceland. We are both passionate about hiking and love getting out and about. 


Back in 2017 the idea for starting Lucent Globe was born, whilst we were making our way to the base camp of Mount Everest. The hike to the base camp was an inspiring experience for both of us, walking in the footsteps of those early mountaineers and adventurers was truly incredible! We were continually struck with awe at the mountain peaks around us and the villages scattered throughout.


As we made our way closer to base camp, the impact of ourselves and other keen hikers became evident with litter and general rubbish scattered throughout the trek. The experience opened our eyes to the impact we all have on our environment, if a place as remote and beautiful as Mount Everest isn't safe then nowhere is. 


A few years passed while we were caught up in further studies and full time work until we decided we wanted to to start a business together. However, this was much more than simply starting a business. We wanted to create a brand that embodied our passions, something that allowed us to make a difference to the state of the environment. With that in mind the months of research and development began, to create a product that was going to be the start of our waste-free journey. 


After 6 months of development we came up with our laundry detergent sheets. Most people would probably think, how did you decide on laundry detergent after all that?! Well it's quite simple, many Australian families do in excess of 5 loads of laundry per week. With each wash of traditional detergent you could be washing a mixture of toxic chemicals down the drain (depending on your detergent). Plus it's standard to get your detergent in an oversized, bulky plastic bottle.



We were able to formulate our detergent sheets without those toxic chemicals and without the plastic bottles. That meant that if we were able to convince people to try these plant-based sheets of detergent they'd be reducing their impact on the environment in a huge way. So, in March this year we launched our laundry sheets under our brand name Lucent Globe, unsure of how it would go. We knew that if people could give our detergent sheets a try they would be impressed at how well they worked and we were right. 


We're now at a point 7 months later with the ability to expand our range of products and spread our waste-free detergent sheets to more people than we ever imagined. We're thankful for all of our supporters out there as we wouldn't be here without you. So if you've read this far thank you! The inspiration for starting Lucent Globe is not something that will ever be lost on us, as simple as it is, we just want to do something good. What's not good about reducing the amount of harmful chemicals, plastics and waste that we use everyday?

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