June 20, 2022

Laundry Sheets Review - Are They Any Good?

What are Laundry Detergent Sheets?

Laundry detergent sheets are ultra thin and lightweight, dissolvable sheets packed full of cleaning power. These sheets are a fantastic zero-waste replacement to traditional laundry liquids and powders. 

Do Laundry Sheets Work?

Yes, they work incredibly well! Whilst a dissolvable sheet might seem a bit strange, they contain a highly concentrated and efficient formula designed to remove dirt and stains without the waste!

Are They Eco Friendly?

We all know of products that claim to be eco friendly that contain questionable ingredients or even come in plastic packaging! Sadly, a lot of “forever” bottles that are made with ocean-bound plastic are actually produced with over 50% new plastic! 

Lucent Globe’s laundry sheets avoid the plastic packaging all together and contain only essential ingredients that minimise our impact on the environment. Plus, we are OECD-301B certified biodegradable. Meaning our sheets don’t just dissolve, they biodegrade rapidly. 

Are Laundry Sheets Easy To Use?

Laundry sheets are the ultimate no mess, no fuss option for your laundry. There’s no need for measuring with pre-measured sheets. They’re extremely lightweight and portable, you can even take them travelling! 

Reasons You Should Consider Switching to Laundry Sheets

- They are hypoallergenic and well suited to sensitive skin

- They are septic safe

- Work well in cold wash (saving energy)

- Free from phosphates, parabens and other harsh chemicals

- Free from palm oils

- Space saving and portable - perfect for travelling

- No need for measuring

Are Laundry Sheets the Answer to Sustainable Laundry?

Yes, even disregarding the plant-derived ingredients, laundry sheets are far more sustainable than traditional laundry detergents. There is far less water used in production, lower carbon transit footprint due to their size and weight and there’s no plastic packaging.

Lucent Globe laundry sheets go the extra step with our OECD-301B biodegradability certification. Let's face it, even plastic bottles are “biodegradable” after like 1000 years! We recommend that you ask for a biodegradability certification from whoever you choose to try. 

And Finally..

There are so many reasons to make the change to laundry sheets. They clean effectively, without the nasty chemicals and waste. If you want to keep your clothes, skin and the environment happy and healthy, check out Lucent Globe Laundry Sheets